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Daughters' of The King (Podcast)


Apr 7, 2020

barbara allsopp img

(Podcast)  You want to talk about a Woman of Faith? Meet Barbara Allsopp [a Minister of the Gospel] who knows the God that she serves!

From being a strong social drinker throughout her high school years to becoming a Woman of Honor before the Lord; Barbara has fallen in love with the Father in Heaven. How did she do that? By trusting God.

Though she didn’t feel loved by her earthly Father, God met Barbara right where she was. He picked her up and carried her through a divorce and performed miracles while being a single mother.

God ministered to Barbara as she desperately sought his face through her every move.

Join Rev. Kathryn Gore and Rev. Barbara Allsopp as they share the goodness of the Lord through the life of Barbara Allsopp. 

Through many trials and tribulation, Barbara met the Maker of her soul and you will never forget her testimony.