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Daughters' of The King (Podcast)


Apr 19, 2020

logo(Podcast) - Join Rev. Kathryn as she tell us how there is true freedom in the blood of Jesus.  the blood holds all power and brings us forgiveness of sin.  The blood redeems us and justifies us from our adversary satan.  Check out this message from Evangelist Rev. Kathryn Gore on how we have the victory in the Power of...

Apr 18, 2020

logo(Podcast) - In today's world there are many misconceptions about deliverance. The enemy has twisted the truth. Check out the Lighthouse Inc., Church's Deliverance Team Interview for reliable information on Deliverance.  They were raised up under the anointing of Pastor Barbara Lynch.  She has been doing deliverance...

Apr 7, 2020

barbara allsopp img

(Podcast)  You want to talk about a Woman of Faith? Meet Barbara Allsopp [a Minister of the Gospel] who knows the God that she serves!

From being a strong social drinker throughout her high school years to becoming a Woman of Honor before the Lord; Barbara has fallen in love with the Father in Heaven. How did she do...

Apr 2, 2020

andrew smith

(Podcast) What all that’s going on here in America, I wonder what the younger generation could be thinking? Join Rev. Kathryn Gore as she interviews Andrew Smith {18yr old senior in High School}. He will share what his age group has been up to and what He feels in heart while we are all in this Coronavirus pandemic....